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Fathers and Their Daughters.

The role of a father is very important in the lives of their daughters. Research has shown that one trait shared by many successful women is a good relationship with their father. From the earliest stages of their development, girls are shaped by the relationship they have with their fathers. How much attention they receive…

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 I was just thinking this morning of a young boy who would sometimes share his lunch with me when we were in grade 7 at Coorara primary school. I believe his name was Darren Thompson, I am a bit hazy on the first name but I am sure his last name was Thompson. I remember…

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I remember, when I was about 14 years old, I was asked if I could baby-sit the two year old daughter of a friend of my brother and sister while she went out to a party. This would have been in 1985. The two year olds name was Serena but everyone called her Whinny. The…

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