My favourite comments

Here are my favourite of all the comments I've received in response to my posts. Thanks to everyone who has read and responded.

"How devastated you must have felt Lystari; and to think that was the second tiny life stolen from you. You have expressed the words simply, and yet truly felt from the heart. A degree of grief is never-ending and is usually not to be easily dismissed by those affected.
Ineke X"

by Ineke for the post 'Seed'.


"Lystari, you have such an original and creative way with words. They flow and curl with clarity and emotion. I love reading your fine works.
Ineke X"

by Ineke for the post 'Words'.


You say so much, understand so much, forgive so much and rightly, care so much. I continually read your comments to the posts of others and am inspired by your caring thoughts, knowledge and support. I feel your life, like my own, has become more full and rewarding for the tragic childhood we survived.
I loved every word you wrote and related well to certain aspects.
A great blog and insight into your earlier years Lystari.
Ineke X".

by Ineke for the post 'Domestic Violence'.


"I've started going through lystari - wow! I know you have spoken to me about your life but to see it written down is like a zap of lightening all over again. You are incredible - your strength of purpose and determination, your ability to write this all down and then share with people is amazing and so empowering. I just want to give you a huge hug and down some Chook with you because words will never truly express how amazed I am at your ability to continue to be such a beautiful light in this world."

by Lisa.


"Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your life with us. Your post at the end of "Journey to Mental Health" is particularly poignant and has taken me a long time to learn. I have copied your words in my journal to assist when my brain tries to think otherwise :0) xx"

by Tania.


‎":( Oh mate, you ARE such a trooper, always so giving and loving as a friend - I feel so bad that you go through this each day. I know I'm about to sound like a 4 year old but IT'S NOT FAIR! Mxx P.S. The poem, although it made me sad and guilty, is bloody brill."

by Margot for the post "Staircase"


"This is a great posting Lystari. So very true and empowering. On a very personal note, it really reinforced my desire to keep writing. Thank you so much."

by Angel for the post "Words"


"That is really beautiful. Made me cry, so sad to miss out on so many things we all take for granted. xx"

by Deb for the post "Crazy for you".


"I relate unmistakably with the ‘Victim Here’ scenario. Guilt is such a powerful emotion (especially if raised as a catholic!). I believe guilt strips a child of their innocence and self-worth. I appreciated reading your informative and well-written blog."

by Ineke for the post "Journey to Mental Health".


"Thank you for caring Lystari. Know that every word you write is worthwhile. I will never understand why some of us seem to have to cope with soooo much more than others. We must be special xx."

by Tania for the post "Seed".


"So very proud of you for speaking out about something that was completely not your fault, and out of your control. I hope that sharing this helps with one more step in empowering you even more. I really hope that your story will help parents to know what not to do if your children come to you for help. xxx".

by Deb for the post "Innocence Lost" (short story version).


"Oh Lystari it's amazing that you have turned out to be the beautiful person you are! I just want to give you as a twelve yr old (& now) a big hug. I wish someone stepped into your life to make it easier when you were growing up xxxx so glad you have family & friends around you now that care so much xx"

by Julie for the post "Domestic Violence."


"I have seen a friend put herself through the domestic violence roundabout, and it seems that many of the cliches are true... She had a deranged kind of loyalty for her partner, forgiving him well before the wounds healed, and on the occasion she did call the police, she tried to stop them hand cuffing him. She has never pressed charges either. In domestic violence cases like this, police should have the power of mandatory assault charging. It's not rocket science."

by Jeremy for the post 'Domestic Violence'.


"Wow, that is an intense read, Lystari. I felt every heart wrenching moment of the accident, and feel like I have a slight understanding of how tough life has been for you and your family. Thanks goodness you are all okay, and have each other. Big hug to you for voicing this, and I hope it is another tiny step in your healing"

by Deb for the post 'The Car Accident'.


"Every word Lystari. You are an inspiration and as lame as this reads in print, I am so proud of you x"

by Tania for the post 'The Car Accident'.


"Hi Lystari; your story is inspirational to me. Already knowing something of your past; and to know you’ve survived this… Gives me great strength. My worst car accident was running into a cow! I admire you so much; and I can’t wait to see you and Peter again! Everytime I am faced with adversity; I will think of you and your courage xo."

by Jeremy for the post 'The Car Accident'.


"It’s so true, when you’re 36 years old and still flinch when someone ‘passes the potatos at christmas dinner’ you know that you may have forgiven but never forgotten. No I take that back, to be honest with yourself, you have to admit that you can never really forgive either. It’s more a case of moving on."

by Pia for the post 'Innocence'.


"I have had issues in the past with depression and PTSD, long story. But like you, have been to a psych for awhile, feel like all is well, but also been “unwell”. I am not sure I have any insight here hun, but I will say this.

The best thing that's happening with me right now is that my family is doing well. But, right now, if I am to be completely honest, it is just a constant reminder that there is something missing. Not sure its health, not sure its mental.

What I think it is, for me that is, is I have spent so much time recovering from my past, that I am lost with the concept of my future, it is overwhelming, and it makes me stress in a way, that until recently I wasn't even aware of it.

Not saying this in an answer hun, but with my situation, just maybe a little insight. Hope if anything you can find peace with the fact that you have broken the links of the past. They are and always will be very hard ones to break."

by Karen for the post 'Current Status'.


"I remember that day, will never forget it, I was the one to tell you. And it was that day that I also felt I lost you. But it wasnt just you. It was me to.

You and I were sisters, soul mates, cant describe it any other way. And we both had issues and were both broken, But we could always “fix” each other.

This time was different, you were broken and I couldnt fix it. It broke my heart. So to be honest that time of the year, every year, I mourn the loss of him, I knew him since I was 5. But mainly, I mourn the loss of you, you and I were different after that.

But still love you, you will always be in my heart."

by Karen for the post 'Suicide at Christmas'.


"Wow...what to say? There are no words to match the depth of what my heart feels. Know that you have yet another on your side yearning for justice. You deserve to be well and I'm yearning with you each day. In the meantime, don't allow the thief to steal your joy. Search for it in each moment. Life is such a gift."

by Tania for the post 'Current Status'.


"Your generosity of spirit always amazes me."

by Richard Gage in response to my response for his blog 'RG's Weekly Column'.


"I, too, hope that Whinny is safe somewhere.
I watched my daughter go through similar stuff with ongoing drug ‘cocktails’ at a very young age. Tried to get her help, to no avail.
Many people blame or condemn ‘up-bringing’ without even trying to understand the true picture…
Can only hope that my daughter is now helping herself – and getting support from somewhere. Haven’t seen or heard from her in 3 years (her choice) – but like Lou & Whinny, she now has a daughter. I hope & pray every day that my grand-daughter, Lily (who I have never met) is safe.
I have to keep myself safe, too – but the door is always ajar. I put the message out there “Roisin (Sheena), you are my daughter and I love you. If you have turned your life around, I sincerely congratulate you.”
My poems ‘KissingThe Tiger’ and ‘To Love an Addict’ will be posted 18th & 26 / 6
Lystari – I truly congratulate you for not getting sucked into that highly destructive world."

by Meryl for the post 'Drugs'.


"Dear Lystari, This is a great piece. I am thinking of the host of kind acts you have done me and my family my friend. Believe me, I learnt so much through yours and my other lovely friends in Adelaide. Yes, they are acts of beauty I want to transfer to those others around me.
Lots of love and hugs."

by Kanchana for the post 'Kindness'.


"Lystari, thank you for sharing this story. It is so sad children are exposed to violence in the place that ideally should be a safe haven, their home. It is wonderful that you have created a different experience for your children. That is inspiring."

by Anisa for the post 'Domestic Violence'.


"My life was the same..honestly! Now i am a overprotective mom..and neighborhood kids flock to me cause they know i care for their be molested raped & sodomized as a child is a lifelong struggle with ptsd and feeling unworth of real love & affection( your mom stands by and lets it happen..who do u turn to?) i ADORE ALL children..let someone do that around me & i figure it out.....SOME1 HAS HELL 2 PAY!!"

by Missie for the post "Women who chose a man over their child...Why?"