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Not again I sigh I brace myself for the climb Stepping up with my right Dragging up my left The first steps I manage Then the ache of strain Begins to build until I am awash with pain I begin to rely on my arms To drag myself up Then feel the alarm Of pain…

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Barbara, I love you I heard her say, Until you had arrived her mind had lost its way, You came with compassion, gentleness and care, Then when you called “Pamela” she was there, Her heart had broken, but then continued to beat, Pamela’s family in fear did retreat, They called and called to her with no…

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Feeling Safe

Feeling safe oh how I wish I could Feeling whole this would be so good To be able to trust what a wonder that would be To feel stable and strong this is what I wish for me   These insecurities I hide from the outside world For none would understand my emotions in such…

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Crazy for you

After so many years 26 years passed I revisit our songs Down to the last   Cherish the love The one you left Oh so poignant After your death   The love Not a fleeting notion The sadness and loss The emotion   Here we are Still wondering why Those of us Trying to get…

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Image is a perception Created by our mind Filtered and deformed One will often find   Looking upon their image In the silvered glass Often what is seen Is quite simply a farce   When next you peek At what your surface beholds Look deeper and deeper Look into your soul   Your beautiful spirit…

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