Words the very reason I am here blogging. For me, words are the key to freedom.

I began writing after my family and I had a horrific car accident in 2008, “we” being my husband and our two daughters – we were all injured, though I was the worst. The first year following our accident I was still completely incapacitated. The situation hadn’t changed much the year after, but I decided to go back to school as an adult student. I felt that while I couldn’t use my body, there was nothing wrong with my brain, so why not use it.

I chose to start with SACE English Communications. In this class I learned to write essays and poetry. I remember the first poem I wrote, ‘Careening’, a cathartic piece about the accident.

I was completely unprepared for the emotions that just poured out of me into my Word document. I remember the tears streaming down my face as I read what I had written. I felt lighter, somewhat relieved to have relinquished all those pent up emotions. I wrote another poem, then another, each poem a response to a traumatic memory from my life.

The result has been nothing short of therapeutic. I have found this to be a wonderful tool that has enabled me to begin to heal. Of course, I haven’t forgotten the events of my life, but they no longer have the same stinging power that they once had over me.

The next step was bringing them out of the dark and sharing them. What were once closely guarded secrets began to become a conversation with my husband, and then a close friend; then I joined a poetry site. This was quite a big turning point. I found that when other members of the site read my work, nine times out of ten they could relate to it.

So many of us have experienced the same pain and trauma, yet walk around pretending we are okay. The truth is that we feel like we are dying inside.


That well known quote, “A problem shared is a problem halved,” is so true. When we start talking about our feelings we find we aren’t alone. There are so very many of us who are in the same boat. This is why I love Mindshare so much: it lets us all know that we aren’t alone.

Silvery webs weaved into words
sparkling like diamonds constructing a verse

Lyrics emerge, creating a song
filled with notes of love forlorn

Flowering letters in artistic fonts
birthing a tale of mystery or loss

Keep the tales going, they cannot be stopped
bring on the magic, forestall the full stop

© 2011

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