Tiredness hits at the end of the day,
Funny I was tired like this yesterday,

Tummy rumbles is it hunger calling,
Yes it is I can feel hunger gnawing,

I begin to cook a wonderful stew,
But all of a sudden I think I’ll spew,

The smell is horrible more than I can bear,
Oh dear I threw up all over the chair,

What on earth could be going on?
Then it hits me like a gong,

What should I do, tell someone?
Do I go to the doctor or my mum?

Oh I hope a good mother I will be,
The father I hope will be pleased,

Week six the heart begins to beat,
Week eight then ten what a treat,

Then week twelve what a vibe
You see the angel on camera live,

Then a moment you didn’t expect,
A faint pain, then blood, no not yet!

You rush to the hospital only to find,
That your unborn child has suddenly died,

They take you to surgery to remove the child,
No please no, that child is mine,

And then when all is said and done,
Everyone pretends it had never begun,

So there you are empty and hollow,
Please can someone take away the shadows,

Oh don’t worry it wasn’t meant to be,
You know mother nature the birds and the bees,

My child had a soul it can’t be replaced,
Platitudes are horrible to any one in my place,

So please, please think before you speak
Put yourself in a mother’s shoes and think before you speak.

© 2010

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