You hover in darkness
It covers thy flight
Heroes who soar
Through the night

Winging gracefully
To my side
Waiting, for soon
Dawn will arrive

Lightly you touch
Upon the ground
Here you know
Rest will be found

Gather your family
Close my dears
For winter has come
So very near

This place is a haven
For you and yours
Think of these tithes
As your rewards

My love for you
Knows no bounds
Your beauty, intellect
And grace surrounds

For when you are near
My heart won’t close
Wherever I am
You are always close

You sing for me
To ease my pain
Your gifts to me
Are not in vain

Few understand
Some do fear
What are ravens?
Doing here

Is it some omen?
Will someone die?
Do not be foolish
No need to cry

They have a soul
That shines so bright
They are my family
Joy and light

They are here
To merry meet
Now take flight
Nest and sleep

© 2010

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