My Mango Tree

Strong of Trunk
Deeply earthed
Long branching limbs
A feeling of rebirth

Adorned with fruit
Glistening with dew
Shimmering in green
Surrounded with blue

Rough is the bark
Against my skin
Cradling my body
Calling me in

I climb high
And higher still
Into a world
So peaceful and still

I watch the spiders
Spinning their webs
Admire the birds
Making their beds

Hum to the buzzing
Of the bees
Bow to the butterflies
Dancing on the breeze

Listen to the flies
As they circle the fruit
Avoid the Itchy grubs
Nasty little brutes

As I lay back
On a strong bough
Feeling safe
Smoothing my brow

Serenity and love
She croons to me here
So softly she sings
Chasing away my fears

She rocks me gently
To and fro
Swaying gracefully
Letting me know

Nothing will hurt me
Amongst her leaves
No one will hurt me
No need to grieve

This is my home
Here I am free
Warm and safe
In My Mango Tree


© 2011

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