When you are brought forth
Life is yet to be lived
A future unsullied
A clean slate is your gift

You look for wonder
Love, peace
But in its stead
You are incomplete

You are surrounded
By anger
Pain, fear
What is this soulless jeer?

What have I done?
Is fault with me?
You shrink and hide
What’s wrong with me?

Can I continue?
In this plight?
What choice do you have?
You’re too young to fight

You wake each day
And start anew
Will this be the day?
Or my plight renewed

Years continue to
Pass on by
It is all you can do
Not to cry

But to cry will only
Bring on new pain
Yes, today
Will be the same

You wait, you dream
For your body to grow
Soon you will
Be able to go

The day finally comes
Yes I am free
But if only it was true
What a relief

You find as you make
Your way in the world
That some things
Can never be cured

The pain you feel
It has not gone
My god
What can be done?

Cry a little
A bit every day
And make sure you
Are never that way

Then when life
Brings innocence to you
Give that innocence
The life you wanted to

© 2010

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