Here I sit on the soft settee
Holding a black cushion on my knee
Embroidered is a picture
Of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
There is more than one
They are all in gold trim

I exhale and relax
Lay back my head
Listen to the wireless
Play its merry tunes
There are some upbeat
Some singing the blues

The scent of the dog is
Strong and comforting
I am at my Grandma’s
A wonderful haven
Here I can breathe easy
And not feel craven

Across the room I see
Her bedroom door
Feeling her presence
Hearing her soft footfalls
She crosses the room
Her slippers softly scuffing the floor

She goes to the window
Draws back her curtains
Sunlight floods in and fills the room
Highlighting the Jesus on the wall
Illuminating the dust motes
Dancing as they fall

I hear a call of muted longing
I raise myself up and follow the call
Looking to the piano next to the wall
I ask her permission to sit on her seat
She yields herself up to my unique harmony
Then together we play to my personal beat

I would feel my spirit lift
As I stroked the keys
The notes would lift me high
The music would set my soul free
I would rock side to side
Like branches of a tree

With my tiny eyes squeezed shut
The music would course through me
My spirit would dance
My soul would sing
I could fly to the stars
With music as my wings

Slowly I would descend
Open my eyes
See my Grandma and hear her say
Truly lovely my dear
Such a beautiful song
You do have a wonderful ear

My soul stops singing
My spirit stops its dance
For a little time I was free
Stroking those wondrous keys
My Grandmother’s haven
It is now time to leave

There will now be no music
Just a life to survive
My heart becomes heavy
Cold as a stone
For there will be no tranquillity
I now have to go home

© 2011

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