Feeling Safe

Feeling safe oh how I wish I could

Feeling whole this would be so good

To be able to trust what a wonder that would be

To feel stable and strong this is what I wish for me


These insecurities I hide from the outside world

For none would understand my emotions in such a whirl

With each new day I awake with the feeling of dread

I have to rein myself in and reason myself out of bed


I now live in a world where these things are within my reach

I see the possibilities if only my mind I could breach

I have moments of feeling safe wrapped in my husband’s arms

I have now come to trust that he will cause me no harm


I wish for our daughters a different way to live

I want them to feel loved in the way I never did

I want them to feel safe stable and secure

I want them to have trust and happiness that is pure


What a wonderful life it could have been

If only evil had just passed me by unseen

We must fight this evil when and wherever we can

Keep our children safe from the darkness of man


(C) 2012

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