A Dream

A girl walks down a road
Towards a field of sugarcane
As she walks down that road
She notices to her left sugarcane
As the girl continues along the road
To her right is now sugarcane
Fearfully the girl turns around on the road
And now there behind her sugarcane

A Dream

A girl dives into the sea
Swims out to an oyster fence
A girl climbs out of the sea
Up and onto an oyster fence
A girl looks out at the sea
There is nothing, only the sea and oyster fence
A girl looks back, to where the land should be
Terrifyingly, there is now only the sea and oyster fence

A Dream

A girl opens her eyes
They adjust to the dark
Can she believe her eyes
She is levitating in the dark
Looking up stars reflect in her eyes
Twinkling brightly against the dark
Tears of joy well in her eyes
She feels so free floating in the dark


 I would dream these three dreams, repeatedly when I was a little girl.

© 2010


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