Crazy for you

After so many years

26 years passed

I revisit our songs

Down to the last


Cherish the love

The one you left

Oh so poignant

After your death


The love

Not a fleeting notion

The sadness and loss

The emotion


Here we are

Still wondering why

Those of us

Trying to get by


In our memories

You affect us still

In our hearts

It still makes me ill


I wish you had stayed

I wish you had grown

I wish you had made

A life of your own


Experienced a life

Experienced what we have made

Experienced a wife

Experienced a babe


I have daughters

Gavin has sons

Our lives move forward

What could yours have become?


We will love you forever

Though we are haunted still

We will never really recover

Though you have paid the bill


© 2011

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