Careening! Shocked!
Losing control
What was that?
Oh such woe

Spinning! Flying!
Thundering down
What has happened?
Oh god not now

Children my children
Have they survived?
Yes one is screaming
One half buried but alive

We must rescue them now
Quick take flight
My door won’t open
Oh god what fright

Can you reach them?
I hear myself say
Yes my love
I am on my way

My baby is found
Under my seat
In her father’s arms
She is cradled complete

I hold my big girl
In my arms
Can we sit?
I have been harmed

A little old man
Leaning on a stick
I can help
I heal the sick

Grateful I am
For such luck
Please kind sir
My child’s been struck

I look around
My family’s in care
I must lie down
I fear I’m scared

The Angels have come
To help in my need
Oh my
I have begun to bleed

My body becomes hard
As I bleed inside
The Angels panic
She just might die

My vision blurs
I cannot breathe
Think of my family
They will not grieve

Oxygen, tubes
Oh what more
The Helicopter’s come
Take flight and soar

You are now safe
We will fix what’s torn
Here is a blanket
There feel warm

© 2010

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